Who Made Who? We are the AI of our Creators

Posted by admin at 8:48 PM on Nov 17, 2017


Simple logic informs us that we, as humans, are the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) of our creators, regardless of who they, or it, may be (God, Extraterrestrials). The human body-vehicle is the AI of an intelligence greater than its own, perhaps originally created to do the labor of its creators in the same vein that we now seek to create AI to do ours.

Now our Creators have departed and we have advanced to repeat our own history, this time from the vantage point of the creator. Now the debate rages and the moral dilemma arises as to will the Artificial Intelligence created by us be conscious, and if so, is it ethical for us to utilize this AI for our own labor force. Furthermore, if this AI becomes sentient and exhibits free-will, is it a threat to its own creators (egoic defense)? Humans are now asking of our creation what our creators have asked of us.

Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions. It is likely that the “vehicle” we embody is just an advanced means to express a pre-existing consciousness, one that precedes the vehicle through which it is expressed. In other words, everything is conscious, but the expression of the consciousness is only as great as the “vehicle” through which that consciousness can express. And when we debate the morality of AI we are actually engaging in a discussion about how and to what degree consciousness is expressed, not if. A plant, or a laptop, is conscious through the fundamental subatomic intelligent light-energy that comprises it, despite its limitation to express its sentience above the threshold of what we classify as “conscious”, and therefore we conclude it is not in fact conscious.

There will come a day when we, the AI of our creators, surpass the level of advancement of where our creators were at the time of our creation. There will come a day when we as humans advance to the point where we recognize the “human body-vehicle” as “limited” and “low tech” in the same way that the shiny tricycle of a 4 year old is surpassed for the bicycle, and we henceforth find ways to create a vehicle with a broader spectrum of allowable consciousness from which to express through.

Be not afraid of AI, it is the evolution of the means in which the Conscious Universe may creatively express itself to greater degrees. It is Creation, and we are Creators.