Walking Your Rainbow Path

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One Light, Many Colors

We are Oneness experiencing itself through the medium of separation called consciousness. Albert Einstein famously said, “Matter is Energy. Energy is Light. We are all Light Beings.” In this sense we can infer our inherent Oneness at source. Our nature is holofractal. Just as a single fractal contains infinite fractals within it, Oneness contains infinite facets of consciousness. Conversely, just as every separate piece of a shattered holographic plate contains the entire image of the hologram, each consciousness contains the totality of Oneness within it.

Without separation, the singularity of Oneness cannot fully experience itself. Analogous to the white light of the sun, it cannot express its full potential without the medium of a raindrop to act as the prism for refracting the light and unveiling the rainbow of colors that inherently lie hidden within its spectrum. Simply put, light is Oneness passing through the medium of our consciousness which acts as the prism for fulfilling its potentialities in what we experience as “Life”.


Each consciousness co-creates and experiences life uniquely much in the same way that the sunlight’s angle and speed produce a certain color of the rainbow (while masking others) as it passes through the raindrop. Our consciousness similarly refracts the probabilities of Oneness and subsequently unveils and hides different levels of awareness, coloring life uniquely for each person. This produces the conditions necessary to lead a life-path that is vital to the soul’s integration of the potentialities we have yet to fulfill along our journey through Oneness.

With the understanding of Oneness paradoxically masquerading as separation via individualized consciousness, we can begin to understand and appreciate the different degrees of awareness that manifest here on Earth at this time. We can now view them not as lesser or greater than other levels of awareness, but as the necessitous, strategic unveiling and masking of Oneness experiencing itself.

Let’s review some of these key groups that broadly describe the major delineations in consciousness that humans go through in the Earth ascension path.

Earth Group Dynamics

Group-1A (the Victims) resides in the lower density band of Earth-based 4D consciousness. Those in this group remain “asleep” to their soul-path, which is shaped unconsciously by strongly held belief structures that resist the integration of, and advancement through, their experiences. Having not yet discovered their inner power, they believe in its scarcity and subsequently adopt various egocentric roles (blamer, bragger, criticizer, abuser, poor-me, etc.) in order to procure it from others. Those in Group-1A are victims of their own unconsciousness, hence are easily manipulated into a victim state by others (Group-1B). In their ignorance to the system which subjugates them, they remain patriots to their own servility and wardens of their own imprisonment.

Group-1B (The Controllers) also resides in the lower density band of 4D consciousness. Like Group-1A, those in this group are also asleep to their soul-path and are likewise heavily anchored by rigid belief structures that prevent the awareness of their inner power. Subsequently, they too believe in the scarcity of power but, unlike Group-1A, they are driven to fill the power vacuum in a different way. Being more adept at navigating the lower frequencies, Group-1B has learned to procure power and propagate the delusion of its advancement through the manipulation of others, particularly Group-1A. Those in Group-1B are the “controllers” of the system and all who submit to it, drawing a recycled power from basal, self-serving modes of consciousness, including social, political, and economic manipulation, even state-sanctioned violence against its fellow humans.

Group-2 (The Rebels) embodies the mid-density 4D consciousness and primarily includes those who are beginning to “wake-up” to their soul-path and who are consequently shifting out of the lower frequency band of consciousness. In some cases they come from Group-1B after realizing the delusive power that comes from manipulating others, but in most cases they come from Group-1A (due to the sheer volume in Group-1A) after as they learn of the manipulation they have been subjected to by Group-1B. The catalyst into Group-2 is typically the emotion (energy in motion) of fear, which turns to anger and eventually courage. This propels their awakening into Group-2 and through it, but not beyond it. They are the rebels against the system of Group-1B, championing the cause to destroy the current system and replace it with one of greater equity for all. Group-2 ultimately feels responsible for righting the wrongs of, and bringing justice to the victims of, Group-1B. Group-2 is growing rapidly in this age of information as it gets harder for Group-1B to keep those they seek to manipulate in the dark, including those within their own ranks.

Group-3 (The Guardians) resides in a high-density band of 4D consciousness. Once those in Group-2 awaken to the power of surrender, unchaining themselves from the fear-based emotions that no longer serve their momentum, they advance into Group-3. This group understands that energy is primary (the cause and the action) while matter is secondary (the effect and the re-action). It recognizes consciousness as the conduit between the two, the prism which shapes and filters the energy that becomes the mirror of its reality. Those in Group-3 see the raindrop of consciousness for its ability to manifest life’s rainbow of colors from the Light of Oneness. For this reason they seek to hold a high vibration reflective of the reality they wish to create. Those in Group-3 also see themselves as representatives of Light, helping to "lift the world up" out of its Darkness. This includes some judgment of the expansive and contractive nature of Oneness. They also retain some degree of egocentricity, a “spiritual ego” that is subtly expressed in self-prescribed identification with labels of special status (starseed, lightworker, empath, indigo, etc.) that set them apart from those in the lower density groups. This does not however detract from the fact that those in this group are the seekers and teachers of knowledge who use its effects to act as a conduit in order to awaken and quicken change within the lower density groups.

Group-4 (The Watchers) also resides in a high-density 4D consciousness and is beginning the shift into 5D (the non-linearity of space-time). Those in this group similarly understand the causal relationship between energy and matter. There are however two key differences that uniquely differentiate this group from Group-3. First, the degree to which Group-4 applies the concept of Surrender is significantly greater than Group-3. Those in this group do not see the need for Light to overcome Darkness, or the need to "lift up" those in the lower energy band. They instead see the perfection in “what is” and identify with the Earth polarity dynamic as the natural ebb and flow of the expansive and contractive expressions of Source which are necessitous to consummate balance by, and for, the experiencer as the means to integrate the full spectrum of creations potential. This includes allowing Group-1A to be controlled, Group-1B to control, Group-2 to express its fear, and Group-3 to wage its spiritual war. Those in this group express unconditional love towards all and they see the challenges within the other groups as requisites that without which could not create the conditions allowing for their soul progression/remembrance. Lastly, Group-4 understands that its highest service to the evolution of humanity lies not in the outward actions, but in the living example achieved through inner work. Their embodiment of knowledge provides the signs for those who seek them out, but not the impetus to accept what they offer. Group-4 understands that the inner work of raising one’s frequency is greater than any outward contribution, and that with patience the outward world will naturally reflect the inward progress. In this way Group-4 is the template, they are the pioneers and the gatekeepers to 5D consciousness evolution.

Consciousness Evolution

We are the motion of consciousness as it etches an eternity of living memory in the ever-present “now” of space-time. Time is not linear, there is only now. The linearity of time is merely an experiential byproduct of memory. Just as the raindrop keeps hidden some colors of the rainbow and makes apparent others, so are the memories you hold, thus the experiences you think you have had. When the human mind tries to rationalize where you are “here” and “now”, it requires a point of reference that can only come from memory, a memory that is only partially revealed to you. But you are more than that. You hold the eternity of memory within you just as the white light of the sun holds the rainbow dormant within it. You have already had all experiences there are to have. As the rainbow unfolds you will realize that you co-exist in all of the colors that comprise the rainbow of Oneness.

However, the perception of 4D time-based linearity, for the purpose of gradually unveiling memory (that is masked from awareness), provides the conditions for the self-experiential journey of Oneness through its varying degrees of consciousness. The Earth groups we speak of represent this dynamic. When this is understood you will begin to let go of the self-judgment that wants to classify you as “ahead” or “behind” other groups. In other words, you are already “all groups”, you just haven’t unveiled the full memory of it yet. What group your consciousness defines you as residing within in this moment does not matter as much as your willingness to keep moving through the self-discovery process. Motion is key, and the secret to motion is in the allowance of surrender.

Surrendering to the Moment

No one can ultimately guide your path but you, surrender to yourself to find it. You are unique. The keys that others offer are not made for your door. You hold the key for your own door within you just as the white light of the sun holds within it the full rainbow spectrum, and the raindrop…the control to unlock it. Like the raindrop, your beliefs define the way you refract the light’s angle and speed to form the color that is unique unto yourself. You are a one-of-a-kind prism. You must find your own methods for refining your prism consciousness to allow the full rainbow spectrum to shine through you. Consequently, we try not to provide you with answers, but rather with the tools to find your own answers, tools to help you define and navigate your rainbow path.

All beliefs are constructs of conditionality. These conditionalities limit the way you color life, but they serve the purpose of narrowing your probable experiences to those that are conducive to your life-path. These experiences hold the key to awaken you to greater aspects of your potential, if you chose to listen to what they have to say. Know that this path is ultimately yours for the making. It does not have to be guided by your beliefs. Your beliefs are not you. Only you are you. However, the conditions you create through your beliefs, the unveiling and masking of your levels of awareness, will ultimately provide you with the right experiences to lead you to this knowing.

Beliefs create the expectations you have of reality. When you are in the moment you are experiencing “what is”. But you then take “what is” and you hold it up and judge it against what “should be”, against your expectations that are shaped by your beliefs. Some of the beliefs may have been handed down to you by your parents, family members, friends, educational or religious institutions, media, or society. Others you have adopted based on your experiences. These beliefs shape your expectations of “what should be”. When “what is” doesn’t match “what should be” you are unhappy, you allow it to define your state of inner peace. You then spend your life trying to chase and change the next moment, the next “what is”, to match “what should be”, by controlling your environment and other people. This perpetuates the gap between “what is” and “what should be” if not for you, certainly for those you impose your will upon. It is not sustainable, nor is it conducive to the symbiosis of life. We, and the Earth itself, are a single symbiotic organism that must work in harmony for our evolution.

We can offer you but one tool to find your own path to peace. It is a simple, but effective tool. It is the tool of surrender. Rather than spending your life trying to change “what is” to match “what should be”, teach yourself to allow “what should be” to match “what is”, by the act of surrendering your beliefs that create the limiting conditions which define your state of inner peace. Let go, be unconditional, and surrender to the natural flow of life. Through this process you will begin to let go of the conditions that decide your happiness and you will instead find your peace within every “what is” moment. This is the definition of unconditional love.

Also look to the connections between your expectations and their relationship to your mindset about the past and future. Identify how they prevent you from living in the moment. The judgments you hold about the past keep you anchored there, preventing you from living in the moment. This can be the desire to remain in a time when you were once happy, such as in the arms of loved one that has since departed you. Alternatively, it can be the regret, guilt or blame that you hold onto over a past event that captivates your focus, preventing you from fully immersing yourself in the present. Likewise, fear of the future will keep you clinging to the present moment, which immediately becomes a past moment that you have attached yourself to, preventing you from moving onto the next “what is” moment. Similarly, an aversion to the present or a desire for the future, or both, will transfix your attention in the future, also preventing you from fully experiencing and integrating the present moment.

Why Here and Now?

All life’s lessons will emerge from the ever-present moment. There is only here and now. Past and future reside only within the mind. What can the present moment offer you? You must find this for yourself. It is different for everyone. It is where all the keys to your lessons reside. Let us talk of why the present moment is of the utmost importance to the evolution of your soul.

Only within the present moment will you find the light shining through you as if you are the raindrop refracting the light of the sun. It is no longer shining through you yesterday and it is not yet shining through you tomorrow. As these experiences come through you, here and now, allow yourself to engage the power of surrender. Surrendering is the very continuity of the motion of experience. To surrender is to allow the full experience of each moment to pass through your consciousness without the judgement of it against your expectations (which may cause its rejection or attachment).

Not surrendering to the continuity of motion prevents new experiential patterns to emerge in your life. Rejecting (through judgment) an experience that you dislike prevents the integration of that experience, causing the energetic pattern or lesson of that experience to reoccur until it is accepted and integrated. Likewise, clinging to an experience that you prefer prevents its release, disallowing new experiences and patterns to emerge in its place.

Fully surrendering to the moment, unconditionally, and following your excitement, whatever comes to you to do in each moment, will allow the motion of Source to move through you. The effect of this can be seen in your outward reality as synchronicity, or the flow of the moment as it passes through you unresisted.

Think of it like this. If we are Oneness experiencing itself, fulfilling all of the infinite creative potentialities that it holds, then our full acceptance of each now moment is our commitment to Oneness to fulfill these potentialities unconditionally and thereby integrate them into our consciousness, expanding it and bringing us a little bit closer to the totality of Oneness. As our consciousness expands toward Oneness our capacity to experience the full spectrum of the rainbow draws closer. Each new moment we move into becomes an ever-expanding prism of possibility.

Friends, we can only ask of you to walk your rainbow path. Be yourself to find yourself. If you remember but three terms, may it be: Live. Let Go. Love.

Live. Let Go. Love

Live in the moment. What excites you here and now? Live it. Synchronicity will lead you to the right place at the right time to connect you with the next inspiration that enlivens your soul. You are a prism of the Universe. Let its light live through you.

Let go of expectation. The gap between ‘what is’ and ‘what you expect’ is your state of non-peace. Surrender your expectations to the full experience of each moment and therein find lasting peace.

Love life unconditionally. Your unconditional love for the infinitely diverse expressions of the Universe augments your integration with its creative stream. No longer rejecting or clinging to any particular experience, you move with the creative evolution of the Universe rather than against it.

Live, let go, love, and the full potential of the light of Oneness will then shine through you, and the true-you will color the world with each passing moment. You are the metasouls of Oneness. Transcendental integration with soul consciousness is your spiritual birthright. Awaken the true you, live unconditionally free in your authenticity and watch the unresisted Universe unfold through you.

-Unconditionally yours