Theory of Constraints for Collective Consciousness Evolution

Posted by admin at 8:12 PM on Jan 15, 2016


The “Theory of Constraints” is a manufacturing term used to describe the fact that no matter how fast the individual machines are within a production line, the line itself can only produce as fast as the slowest machine (the constraint), and all efforts must be made to assist it in order to advance the line itself. Any effort to advance the faster machine may increase the capability of that machine but will not improve the output of the facility as a whole until the slower machine also improves. If the faster machine sits at the front of the assembly line and is left to run at its maximum pace, it will only queue-up more and more product behind the slowest machine. If the faster machine sits at the end of the assembly line, the rate in which product arrives to the faster machine will be governed by the slowest machine. In either case, the slowest machine will determine the rate of output for the entire production facility.

Consciousness evolution ( spiritual awakening ), is a lot like this, and even the most enlightened of us often race towards a finish line without thought that it lies not in front of us, but all around us, and within this collective there are certain constraints that we must attend to. In fact, in our blind ambition for individual spiritual ascension, we ourselves may be the constraint, until we learn that our individual spiritual progress is only a means for what is the higher level advancement of the collective consciousness. When we realize this we understand it’s not all about reaching higher states of consciousness individually, it’s about our integration with the collective and its holistic advancement.

It is true that our contribution to the whole lies within improving ourselves as individuals, because we are ultimately responsible for ourselves, and others cannot do the task for us. But at the same time, we must recognize our role does not end with the individual. We are deceiving ourselves if we think that our individual advancement will ultimately result in a continuous ascension path for us as individuals while others are left behind. No soul left behind! The ascension path for the individual ultimately intersects with the collective. You can only advance so much as an individual, just as a single cell within your body eventually requires the collective cooperation and holist integration with other cells into to evolve into something greater. Cancerous cells within the body cannot be brushed aside, they must be healed, transformed! As we begin to evolve into 5th dimensional consciousness the integration of the collective becomes paramount. Our entire reality (the Earth and all of its inhabitants) is single symbiotic organism, a single collective consciousness working to advance itself through the creation process of Oneness experiencing itself as separateness (via consciousness as the medium) and then re-integrating these experiences back into the totality of Oneness.

This is a paradoxical situation, because it does not mean that we should take it upon ourselves to tell others what to do in order to advance the collective. Telling others to “wake up” is like asking the slowest machine to produce faster than its capability. Telling others to follow your truth is like programming the same recipe on two different types of machines…it doesn’t work. We have to instead help the slower machine help itself through its own mechanics, and respect where it is in its evolutionary process, and that where it is ultimately where it needs to be in order to connect the dots to the next evolutionary step. When this is understood we can help the collective best by being a living example of authenticity. Our allowance for others to be who they are and live their truth without any expectation on our behalf opens the door for them to be authentic and therein discover themselves.