Problem? No Problem

Posted by admin at 6:39 AM on Sep 13, 2016


1. First you're unaware of the problem.

2. Then you learn there is a problem.
3. Then you're angry you didn't know about the problem.
4. Then you want to change the problem.
5. Then you try to change the problem.
6. Then you're frustrated you can't change the problem.
7. Then you're depressed about the problem.
8. Then you seclude yourself from the problem.
9. Then you meditate on the problem.
10. Then you realize the real problem is an inner problem.
11. Then you meditate on the inner problem.
12. Then you realize the inner problem creates the outer problem and the outer problem leads you to discover the inner problem.
13. Then you work on the inner problem to solve the outer problem.
14. Then the space where the inner problem used to be is filled with the power to solve the outer problem, only the outer problem isn't a problem because it's a reflection of the inner problem that's no longer a problem.
15. Then the energy you used to focus on the inner problem can fill the space of what used to be the outer problem...with something new.
16. Now you’ve changed the world. No problem.