Pain – Love’s Reminder

Posted by admin at 9:26 PM on Dec 4, 2016


Pain is love’s reminder. Pain is the re-centering of consciousness into the presence of love. As your attachments to the conditionalities of belief pull you out of the present here-now moment of unconditional love, you restrict the flow of creation, for creation only occurs when the attention is focused in the moment. When the attention is pulled away from the unconditionality of the moment and into the conditionalities of the beliefs (as the ego projects them into the past and future), the creative flow of the Universe is restricted and limited to the replication of past patterns projected onto the future.

Pain is the reminder that you have been pulled out of the moment and are disconnected from the creative flow of the Universe. Pain pulls you back into the present, momentarily erasing all energetic attachments you hold to the past and future, refocusing your attention on the moment of pain through which you may reconnect with the frequency of love. It is only after the painful moment passes which you may return to attaching conditionalities to what is now a past event. In this way pain may persist, but it is no longer the reminder within the moment, it now becomes another opportunity to release it from the conditionalities of your beliefs, as you learn to maintain your mindfulness in the presence of love.

Pain is your ally if you learn to listen to what it has to say. Pain is a second chance at love. Pain is the question. Love is the answer.