Belt of Orion

Posted by admin at 6:31 AM on Aug 28, 2016


The Belt of Orion

Hopi cosmology is largely based on the constellation Orion, from which their ancestors are said to originate from. They are often depicted as Ant people, even in hieroglyphs, reminiscent of the ant-like mantis beings, "the Founders" who are said to have been of the first "form" following the fragmentation of our galactic consciousness according to contact work and that of the channeled material from Lyssa Royal. We can draw further connections from the work of Gary David who discovered that the geographical layout of the Hopi sacred sites, like the Egyptian pyramids, directly correlate to the constellation of Orion. The Aramaic word "nephilia", as in the Sumerian and biblical Nephilim, is the name for "Orion". The Hebrew word "nemalim" means "ants", and the name Orion comes from Indo-European word "morui", which also means "ant". Now for the kicker. The Hopi word "Anu" means "Ant" and the word "naki" means "Friend". Annunaki.

When I was younger I developed a strong relationship with Orion. A few years later I was introduced to Stardancer, a Native American oversoul of sorts. There appeared to be no connection between the two that I could connect with consciously. Then recently, seemingly unrelated, I discovered I had long been connected with Osiris and that I, we, had been of the Annunaki. I recently began to feel that all of it was related, even interchangeable, this idea of Native Americans, Orion, Osiris and the Annunaki. Shortly thereafter I found that Osiris and Orion are deeply related, and interchangeable in the view of some historians. Orion=Osirian=Osiris. And Gary David's work connected it further with the Native American Hopi tribe, and there came together for me the connecting thread which I appropriately dubbed The Belt of Orion. There are still pieces to fit, but the 7 sisters are patient, so I'll leave that aside until it comes.

I believe everyone has these types of connections to their galactic heritage. Open yourself to it and the door will open to you in return.

PS - Don't get weirded out with the negative stigma associated to the "Annunaki", its a complex history that blurs the lines between who is "us" and who is "them".