Mars Reptidome - Remnant Structure of an Ancient Civilization

Posted by admin at 12:02 AM on Jan 15, 2017


In 2010 I was led to the discovery of a large reptilian face-like structure on the surface of Mars using the ESA/Google Earth tools. This is my commentary and the screen footage of the finding. You decide what it means to you, follow your truth.


Discovery on Mars of a giant reptilian face-like dome structure (dubbed Reptidome) that appears to be intelligently designed. The anomaly exhibits striking symmetry on all sides (including a 60° equilateral triangle or pyramid on top of the base structure). The structure is 2 miles long by 1.5 miles wide. It is of my intuitive impression that this structure was built by the pre-Earth seed reptilians prior to the Maldek / Mars destruction. You can explore it yourself at the following coordinates using the ESA/Google Earth app (on Mars).

Mars Reptidome - Remnant Structure of an Ancient Civilization (face – dome - pyramid):

Location Coordinates: 41°46'28.30"N (lat.) x 24°30'53.58"E (long.)

Copy/Paste this into Google Earth (after selecting ‘Mars’): 41°46'28.30"N, 24°30'53.58"E