Love is the Answer

Posted by admin at 8:35 PM on Nov 19, 2016


Only love is present in the here-now moment. Only love is free from conditionality, hence unconditional love is here and now. All else emanates from the ego as it projects conditionalities out into the past (guilt, blame, regret) and future (desire, fear) through the lens of belief, pulling your awareness out of the here-now presence of love and into the illusions of time. You see, conditionalities cannot exist in the present moment; they are only valid in the past and future context, as creation itself only exists in the present moment. As you are pulled out of the present moment, your attachments to the past shape your beliefs, which are then projected out into the future as expectations (conditions), thus your past becomes the blueprint for your future, creating repeat patterns in your life. Learn to identify the emotional attachments that represent the conditions projected through your beliefs to break the cycle of patterns in your life. Therein you will create something new through the re-centering of your awareness in the presence of love. This is mindfulness. In doing so you will produce great changes in your life, for change only occurs through the creation process of the Universe in the here-now moment. The more you are present in the moment the more you will create change in your life, and through the unconditional vibration of love you will find your authenticity and become your true-self.