InterDimensional Reptilian Contact (UFO Sighting, ET Spirit Guide Channeling & the Naga of Ta Prohm)

Posted by admin at 7:13 PM on Nov 21, 2015


What does interdimensional contact look like and feel like? Interdimensional contact is more than isolated UFO sightings, it is a web of interconnected synchronous events weaved throughout our lives, sometimes appearing in dramatic ways and other times through subtleties that easily pass us by if we aren't paying attention. Interdimensional contact is a holistic journey through this web of synchronicity extending beyond our 4D linear awareness.

This is a personal account of making contact with an ancient reptilian inner-Earth race of 5th dimensional extraterrestrials and the synchronous connection with the Naga Reptilians of Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia 20 years later.

In Cambodian legend, the Naga were a reptilian race of beings. The Naga King's daughter married the king of Ancient Cambodia, which is why Cambodians say that they are "Born from the Naga". The Seven-Headed Naga serpent statues represent the 7 races within Naga society, known as "the seven colors of the rainbow". The civilization once spanned a massive continent that eventually sunk, driving them underground to the inner earth.