Imagination: Freedom from the Gate & Road

Posted by admin at 10:47 PM on Sep 9, 2016


You should not be concerned with the truthfulness of religious teachings, rather the ancient motive that perpetuates them, its methods of achieving this motive, and its impact on your birthright. To be clear, religion is not limited to "organized religion", it implies any person, group, or even methodology that operates under the motive which I will describe. More appropriately we can refer to it as dogma. This includes social, educational, economic, and political systems, even purported non-religious "spiritual" systems that stems from the secret teachings of ancient sects that continue to operate today under a different guise. Organized religions just happens to be…well, the most organized means to achieve the motive, not necessarily the most clever.

First, the means and the motive. There is a great deal of history behind this, but in short, thought is the power to create, and if one controls the thought of another to direct it "through" their own thought construct, it can be used to expand their thought at the expense of the other, hence their power to create "through" another. One must buy into the idea of scarcity for this to be effective, but of course this is nearly ensured by the network of dogmatic means employed. Again, I do not mean only organized religion. There is a network of dogmatic systems that guarantee the motive, from deeply rooted cultural beliefs, to the way we are taught to see reality by our educational institutions and the enforcement of these ideologies through the economic and political spheres.

Second, how can we reclaim our birthright, our direct connection with Source? To begin with, we must teach ourselves to identify the means of dogma and not surrender our "thought" to its intent. There is a lot of information coming out right now as we enter the Age of Transparency that is specific to the methods of control. It is too much to describe here, but I encourage you to research. Instead, I will share with you a simplified method of identifying the manipulative means of the religious ideology.

With any belief you currently hold, and with any belief you are asked to invest in by another, you must create a habit by which you pose a few critical questions to see if it passes the litmus test. What are we testing for? Specifically, there are two primary modalities by which control is exacted upon you. One is called "the Gate" and the other is called "the Road".

The Gate involves any intermediary through which you are asked or told you must liaise through to achieve anything. By anything I mean ANYTHING, including any thought your imagination offers you. If you find that any thought you hold or are asked to accept requires the Gate, it is disempowering you. Rid yourself of it and claim your freedom.

The Road involves any means, mode, method, system or technique that restricts the navigation of thought or will to a specific way, or "road". There are many well-intended methodologies for achieving enlightenment that are in actuality, unbeknownst to many, clever systems of restricting your access to Source and directing your thought down the Road to your disempowerment.

As the Gate and Road of religious, social, educational, economic, and political systems continues to be exposed at an ever increasing pace, I will instead provide you with a less obvious example to ponder; Imagination. You have been sold a lie when it comes to the power of imagination as it relates to your connection with Source.

First, imagination IS your connection to Source. But it has been taken from you in the following way. There are two primary camps. The first believes that imagination is the mechanistic neuro-ruminations of the brain. Furthermore they believe that the artifacts of supposed Source connection, such as visions, premonitions and the like, are merely products of this same neurological phenomenon. This is called "Defense Line 1".

The second camp, those who tend to be more "awake" than the general population, believe in the factual existence of energetics ascribed to Source connection (visions, premonitions, etc.). However...those who have sought to control you for millennia foresaw the need to have more than one defense line. This is where the "secret teachings" come into play, whereby this group is taught through such teachings to enter a more subtle Gate and follow a less obvious Road, whereby they learn to distinguish magic and paranormal phenomena from that of imagination, even exalt it above imagination as being "true" whereby imagination is relegated to the basement of the "false". One simple example of this, that some have begun to catch on to, is the idea of the 3rd Eye and the Pineal, in which they are taught that this is the access point for Source. Meanwhile imagination embodies the true magic, and is the dream that roams free throughout Source. But those in this camp have forsaken it for the "spiritual path" that is merely the Gate and Road under a different guise. This is "Defense Line 2".

Both aforementioned camps have been manipulated through the Gate and Road to renounce the unbridled connection to Source; Imagination. Imagination, the furthest reaches of your creative power, is yours to reclaim. Do not doubt it, for if it "is" then how can it "not be"? Do not disassociate it from your quest for Source, for it is Source, and it is your birthright. Imagine it. Dream it. Be it.