Elder Futhark Runes - 2nd Aett Meaning & Galdr Chant

Posted by admin at 8:02 AM on Feb 4, 2017


Each of the 24 Elder Futhark runes meanings in the proto-Germanic runic alphabet represent different yet interconnected facets of life. Together, the Elder Futhark rune staves define the creative manifestation process of Universal intelligence as it creates reality.

Here we review the Elder Futhark rune meanings from a perspective that integrates the traditional rune definitions with that of my independent study and inner-work with Odin. We also cover the rune Galdr (chant) to integrate the sacred geometry of form and sound vibration to form an energetic key for each rune to unlock a deeper understanding of how energies manifest in your own life and the Universe around you. Understanding the Elder Futhark runes is understanding self, other, and the integrated wholeness of All That Is. In this video we cover the 2nd Aett meaning and Galdr chant (the second 8 of 24 rune staves). In future videos we will cover the 3rd Aett as well as more topics on the Nordic creation myth and lore.