Blockchain Technology: Decentralizing Consciousness

Posted by admin at 12:32 AM on Oct 14, 2017


How collective consciousness is manifesting via decentralized technology. Everything you know will change.

Blockchain technology, like Bitcoin, is a revolutionary and disruptive computer technology that allows trusted storage and transfer of data between untrusted parties, removing the age-old need for a central authority of trust. Blockcahin technology is achieved through mathematically regulated solutions that are distributed across a decentralized network, replicating any single data point or transactional event across all computers in the network, creating an immutable record of time (think physicalized Akashic) that cannot be compromised by a central power without overtaking the entire network. Blockchain will change the world, it will change everything about how you conduct and transact information in a way that re-empowers you and disempowers those who seek to insert themselves between you and your creative expression. In the future, there will be no middlemen, no more banks or financial monopolies (Federal Reserve) to siphon from your natural right to transact with others, and eventually, no more hierarchical corporations to siphon profits off of your labor (with DAO, or blockchain-based Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). The world will change dramatically in your lifetime, and you can waste your energy trying to change the old system, or you can contribute to the new world that is being constructed in parallel, and without permission of the old world. Blockchain is your consciousness speaking to you that it wishes to free itself from the tyranny of centralized power, that it wishes to collectivize its expression through en equal and distributed network; a collective consciousness manifest. As referenced in this video, please see this video for more explanation on "The Gate and the Road":